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450 471-2772


  • To add more installation > Adjust the quantity in the cart


  1. Print the technical drawing of the tank
  2. Draw where the vent need to be installed indicating the diameter and location of it
  3. In the cart, add your drawing as an attachment to the order
  4. Or, send your drawing to mentioning your online order number

If needed, a sales consultant will contact you to guide you in completing the technical drawing.


  • Usually, the vent is installed as high as possible on top of the tank to allow maximum filling.
  • On a tank with a flat roof, in the shape of a cross or with flat parts, the vent is installed on these flat parts.
  • On a tank with a domed roof, the highest point is at the center of the roof. The vent will be straight, but if installed elsewhere on the roof, it will follow the angle of the dome.
  • On a horizontal freestanding tank, because of the access cover that separates the top of the tank into two parts, you must check if you want the vent on the same side as the included drain, or on the opposite side.
Picture of Installation Fee for the Vent<br />On Tank from 1000 to 2999 US Gal
Installation Fee for the Vent<br />On Tank from 1000 to 2999 US Gal
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