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SKU : CBO100015

1200 US Gallons Open Top Cone Bottom Tank. Steel Stand Iincluded

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Sold : 1 Unit

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SKU : CBO100015
  • Attribute name Attribute value
  • Capacity (Litre) 4387
  • Capacity (Gal US) 1200
  • Outlet None
  • Lid Optional
  • Relative Density 1.5
  • Color White
  • Cone Angle 17°
  • Cone Distance on the ground 18"
  • Series CBO Series
  • Weight with stand (lbs) 850
  • Dimensions of the tank (Diam. x H) 74" x 87.5"
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** Tank made on order (Not returnable and non-refundable item)
** Tank without drain and without level indicator


  • Material: high-density polyethylene (HDPE) with UV inhibitors
  • Molded in one piece
  • Open top offering a complete access to the content
  • Dust lid or hinge lid available (sold separately)
  • 17° conical bottom
  • The cone bottom doesn’t feature any outlet (sold as an option)
  • The conical bottom enables quick and complete drainage
  • No level indicator available for this tank
  • Specific gravity: 1.5 (12.5 lb / US Gallon) at 20 °C
  • Translucent white
  • Resin meets the FDA regulations for food contact
  • Resin complies with the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 61 for potable water storage
  • Maximum storage temperature of 120 °F / 49 °C
  • Above ground use only
  • Can’t be pressurized
  • Product images are for information purposes only. Please check the product description and technical drawing.


  • Included with the tank
  • Material: black painted steel
  • Above ground use only
  • Product images are for information purposes only. Please check the product description and technical drawing.
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Product Files
Dessins techniques / Technical drawings


Product Files
Guide d'achat / Buyer's guide
Guide d'installation et d'utilisation / Installation and user guide
Guide de la densité relative / Relative density guide
Guide de résistance aux produits chimiques / Chemical resistance guide
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Did you know?


We install additional accessories and fittings on our tanks.
For any assembly adapted to your needs such as the installation of inlets, outlets, vents, overflows, welded HDPE flanges and fittings, valves, etc., please contact one of our sales representative at 450-471-2772 Ext. 1.

The open top cone bottom tanks of the CBO series are designed for stationary use only.
All tanks are mounted on a black-painted steel stand that is included when purchasing the tank. At all times, the tank must be placed on his steel support specifically designed to avoid any pressure points that could damage the walls and lead to a leak. These conical tanks are made of high-density polyethylene treated with UV protection for indoor or outdoor uses. If the tank is stored outside, over time, the metal stand may rust. The resin used to manufacture the plastic tank complies with FDA standards for food application.

Depending on the model, the tanks are designed to contain liquids up to 1.9 specific gravity.
The inclination of the base varies between 17° and 30°, so the cone bottom tanks are suitable for holding different types of liquids or mixtures ranging from viscous to thicker. The walls are translucent white to show the level of the contents and but don’t features any level graduation. There is no outlet included with the tank, it is sold as an option. Two optional types of lids are offered; a dust-lid that can be totally removed to access the content or a 2/3 welded and 1/3 hinge lid.

The cone bottom plastic tanks of the CBO series have multiple uses; for the storage of water or chemicals, dense or viscous liquids, for the mixing of powder or liquids, for the preparation of blends of all kinds or for a settling process. They are very interesting when a complete cleaning and drainage is required between each use.

* All dimensions, specifications and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.

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Inventory in REAL TIME ! Pickup and Shipping the SAME DAY !  (Ordered placed before 11 a.m.)