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Pallet Boxes: adding an access door, casters or modification of dimensions
Plastic Tanks: adding welded flanges, fittings, lifting lugs, anchor brackets, pump support and shelf

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Our skills in plastic welding allow us to design personalized solutions from prefabricated products such as pallet boxes or existing plastic tanks. Indeed, by working closely with strategic partners and master manufacturers in the field of plastic welding, we have extended our know-how to meet your specific needs.

  • To adapt a pallet box to specific requirements, we can make modifications such as adding casters for increased maneuverability, installing an access door for better accessibility and we can even modify one of its dimensions such as height, width or length.
  • Only MX and Dolav series pallet boxes can be personalized
  • Consult our section dedicated to Custom Plastic Pallet Boxes
  • To obtain an evaluation of your project, contact us by email or by phone at 450-471-2772 Ext. 1
  • On plastic tanks, we can weld flanges, connection fittings, a shelf to hold equipment, lifting rings, anchor brackets or even a pump support, directly welded to the tank wall
  • For more information on plastic tanks, see the Plastic Tanks section
  • To obtain an evaluation of your project, contac us by email or by phone at 450-471-2772 Ext. 1
  • You can print the technical drawing of the tank from the product detailed page.

Our commitment to our customers continually pushes us to find the best ways to offer advanced expertise in the field of plastic welding, allowing us to guarantee high-quality tailor-made solutions, perfectly adapted to your specific needs. Visit our Accompanying Service section to learn more about our expertise and services. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your personalized projects. We look forward to collaborating with you to bring your most ambitious ideas to life.


6″ Welded HDPE Flanges and 1″ Sight Glass Level Indicator

– 6″ black polyethylene (HDPE) pipe, DR17.
– 4 black HDPE brackets cut and welded around the pipe to support the flange.
– Blue painted metal flanges with EPDM gaskets, class # 150.
– 1″ clear PVC level indicator tube fixed with 1″ welded half couplings.
– This assembly was performed on a 525 US gallons horizontal tank of 1.9 density.

For this assembly, the customer drew on the technical drawing of the tank, all the accessories that were needed to be installed, by specifying the location and the diameter of each one. The project was a transport tank equipped with four 6″ welded flanges and a sight glass level indicator, that could be moved from one site to another. For proper flange welding installation, a 1.9 density, with thicker walls, tank was used. Since frost settles on the wall due to the rather cold operating temperature, a 1″ external level indicator has been installed on the front of the tank. It comes with 90° PVC elbows and PVC/EPDM isolation ball valves, to cut the leak in case the tube is broken. Due to the curves in the tank walls, two 1” welded connections were installed to hold the gauge in place.

2″ Inner/Exterior PVC Pipe For Filling and 1″ Sight Glass Level Indicator

– 2″ PVC external pipes for filling, with welded HDPE fastening brackets.
– 2″ PVC internal pipes to prevent spatter and foam.
– 1″ Clear PVC sight glass level indicator fixed with 2 bulkhead fittings.
– A ventless lid and a filter vent were both installed on the top of the tank.
– Made on a 500 US gallons vertical tank.

The customer wanted to fit a larger tank to maximize the urea storage. He was using a 1000-liter IBC Tote, but that was not enough anymore. With a drawing of what he wanted, we did a piping-mounting on a 500 US gallon tank to satisfy the customer’s storage needs. We installed a 2″ PVC outer pipe along the vertical wall to fill the tank at waist height. Another 2″ PVC inner pipe was installed at 1-1/2″ from the bottom to prevent splashing and foaming during filling. It could very well have been used to pump the liquid as well. A 1″clear PVC level indicator was fixed to the wall for a better reading of the liquid level. The standard cover was changed for a ventless model. On the top of the tank, a 2″ fitting was installed to hold the new filter vent. An additional drain and 3/4″ ball valve were also installed at the bottom of the tank for drainage purpose.

Raccord soudés pour réservoir

2″ Welded HDPE Half Coupling (Polyboss)

– 2″ polyethylene (HDPE) fittings, natural white.
– Machined with a female connection thread (FNPT).
– Welded on a 35 gallon horizontal tank.

The customer wanted to put a tank in a specific place in his van to have enough room for the rest of his equipment. So he absolutely needed a 2” fitting, located at the very end, on top of the tank. Even though the available space was very limited, thanks to the plastic welding, it was possible to install a 2″ FNPT connection at the desired location. Indeed, no other type of connection would have allowed this type of assembly. The welded couplings take much less room to install than all other types of fittings, so they have a more flexible location options.

Cut and Welded HDPE Mounting Brackets

– For hanging a pump of 15 lb.
– Brackets are made of natural white polyethylene.
– Welded on a 3000 US gallon vertical tank.

To save space and simplify the connection of his pump, the customer wanted to hang his pump directly on the tank wall. With the pump in hand, we took all the required dimensions to be able to design the appropriate type of brackets to safely support the pump in place, but allowing it to be removable if necessary. We have therefore cut and welded to the tank, some natural white polyethylene (HDPE) brackets, which are perfectly adapted to the shape and weight of the pump.

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SAME DAY SHIPPING and PICK UP ! / Stock items, ordered before 11 a.m.