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450 471-2772

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets suitable for storage, transport and racking. Pallets easy to wash and resistant to mold, insects, bacteria and chemicals. Choice of color among black, blue, red, green or yellow.

They are categorized according to their most common application, such as:

  • Food Pallets; for all applications where there is contact with food or consumables. Designed, for example, for food processing plans or for the pharmaceutical sector (compliant with FDA / CFIA standards).
  • Industrial Pallets; models suitable for light to heavy-duty applications. Used in warehouse, transportation, racking or other. Very robust for heavy loads.
  • Drum-Pallets; molded rings in the pallet securing the handling or storage of 55 US gallon drums..
  • Drum Containment Pallets; for spill containment, to safely store drums holding hazardous liquid or to avoid leaks into the environment or warehouse.

Available in 3 different versions to better suit your needs:

  • Nestable Pallets: 9-leg pallets, they nest into each other to save space when they are not in use.
  • Stackable Pallets: look like a wooden pallet. Stack on each other.
  • Rackable Pallets: pallets featuring a picture frame or 5 runners bottom, allowing the pallets to sit safely on top of a rack or used on a « Push back » system.