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Food Grade and Industrial Containers

Industrial or FDA food-grade plastic hand held containers are great to operate in complete compliance in food processing plants or in warehouses. They optimize the handling, storage and transport operations. The straight-wall plastic totes are stackable even without the lid and make stable piles of goods, and the tapered-wall totes, are nestable to save space when empty.

Here are some common uses of plastic bins in factories and food plans:
  • Supply chain and inventory management
  • Organization of production lines
  • Material handling
  • Storage of parts, raw materials, semi-finished and finished products
  • Preparation and mixing of ingredients
  • Cooling and freezing
  • Washing and maintenance
  • Waste management
  • Internal transport
  • Packaging & Shipping
  • Distribution and delivery

Consult our buying guide "How to choose the right plastic hand held container"?

Sectors of activity where plastic bins are often used: agriculture, food processing and warehouses.


  • The handling bins are used very well by hand and are also designed to be used on conveyors to support the logistics of large quantities of parts.
  • They are used for the storage, handling and distribution of industrial parts or food of all kinds.
  • Plastic bins are sure to optimize production lines and improve processes when space is limited.
  • Their great resistance to temperature variations allows them to be used for short or long term storage, on shelves or on pallets, in warehouses, refrigerators or even freezers.
  • Most plastic bins optimize storage, because they are perfectly compatible with wood or plastic pallets of standard dimensions 40" x 48".
  • Some bin models significantly save space by nesting inside each other when empty, with a ratio of up to 3 to 1, or, when in use, by stacking on top of each other (with or without lid).
  • These industrial or food grade bins are available in several colors and sizes.
  • The lid is optional.
  • Smooth interior for easy cleaning.
  • They are 100% recyclable at the end of their useful life.
  • Many options are offered as colors, dolly, lid, logo identification, etc. to optimize their use.
  • For more information, visit the plastic hand held containers FAQ section.




SAME DAY SHIPPING and PICK UP ! / Stock items, ordered before 11 a.m.