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SKU : B1942100

2-1/2" X 100-Foot Double-Jacket Industrial Fire Hose Assembly C/W QST Quebec Threaded Fittings

590,32 $
Sold : 1 Unit


SKU : B1942100
  • Attribute name Attribute value
  • Diameter 2-1/2"
  • Connection QMT Male x Female
  • Material Synthetic band with rubber lining
  • Color White
  • Type de gaine Double


  • 2-1/2" double-jacket fire hoses for fire hydrants in Quebec/Montreal
  • Hose assembled with 2 aluminum QST threaded type end caps (Quebec Standard Threads)
  • Sold in a 100-foot roll ready to use


  • Exterior made of two layers of 100% synthetic fabric which makes the hose more resistant in severe applications or when the application requires higher working pressure
  • Interior made of black rubber that resists mildew and rot
  • The double-jacket hose is much heavier than a single jacket hose; double weight when dry, and even more if the hose is wet
  • The hose includes a swivel QST Female Threaded tip that can be screwed directly to the fire hydrant, and a QST Male Threaded fixed tip
  • Depending on whether the end of the hose to be connected to a tank is male or female, and whether the tank connection is 2" or 3", a 2-1/2" threaded adapter (Male or Female) QST x (2" or 3") Male NPT thread will be required *Sold separately.


  • Weight per foot: 0.58 lb
  • Test pressure: 600 psi
  • Working pressure: 300 psi

Photos for illustrative purposes only. Refer to product description.

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Did you know?


Double-jacket fire hoses have an extra layer of synthetic fabric making them more resilient in severe applications. Incidentally, this extra jacket also allows for higher working pressure making them a suitable choice for wash-down service.

The extra durability does come with a trade-off, however, as it makes the hose significantly heavier compared to a single-jacket hose, especially when wet.

Please be sure to check that threaded fittings are compatible with the fire hydrant or standpipe to which the hose will be coupled. Municipalities and fire departments in different regions choose from a variety of available threads and so threads can vary by region. 


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Inventory in REAL TIME ! Pickup and Shipping the SAME DAY !  (Ordered placed before 11 a.m.)