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SKU : HX2448-BK

Industrial HX Plastic Pallet 24" x 48" Vented Deck, Black

162,70 $
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SKU : HX2448-BK
  • Attribute name Attribute value
  • Rack Capacity (lbs) 0
  • Capacity on Forks (lbs) 0
  • Floor Capacity (lbs) 1,500
  • Dim. (W x L x H) 24" x 48" x 6"
  • Nestable No
  • Surface Openwork
  • Weight (lbs) 20
  • Color Black
  • Foot Print 24" x 48"
  • Series RX Series
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  • Made from 48" x 48" HX Series pallet, cut in half
  • 100% recycled HDPE, injection molded
  • Vented deck
  • Withstands temperature between -28 °C to 49 °C
  • Unaltered by chemicals or solvents
  • Vented deck facilitating drainage
  • Resistant to insects, bacteria’s and fungus
  • Combines strength and economy in a lightweight, can be manipulated by hand
  • Mostly used in food and pharmaceutical industries
  • Product images are for information purposes only, please check the product description

The RX pallets combine strength and economy.  The lightweight design offer a superior performance at an affordable price. They are fabricated of recycled material (PEHD) and are frequently used in pharmaceutical, transformation plans and food industries. Mostly used in cold room, refrigerator, freezer or for any dry environment for storage of any types of goods.


* All load capacities quoted are based on functional testing of unified and evenly distributed loads. All dimensions, specifications and capacities may vary slightly and are subject to change without notice.

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Inventory in REAL TIME ! Pickup and Shipping the SAME DAY !  (Ordered placed before 11 a.m.)