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450 471-2772

Pallet Boxes Options and Accessories

Everything you need to complement your pallet box to make it more functional and efficient.

  • Lids: standard lid (dust type), hasp lid (lockable) or latch lid (with rubber cable). White, blue, yellow or gray.
  • Metal cart: 2 fixed-casters and 2 swivel-casters, allowing great mobility with the possibly to use the bin without the cart if needed.
  • Casters: they can be installed in each corner (the box cannot be stacked) or cross-pattern (can be stacked)
  • Access door: drop-door improving ergonomics and efficacy, removable-door or cut-out wall for a full and permanent opening. Door can be installed on the 40” or 48” side.
  • Drain plug: 1 ½’’ threaded opening for easy drainage of the box
  • Runners: 2-standard long side runner-configuration (on 48” side) or 3-short side runner-configuration (on 40” side – on request)
  • Identification: by hot-stamping or using a card holder (minimum required)